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Paul Goodridge leaves CRS PLC for one of the largest online payment providers in Europe London, June 18, 2008 Moneybookers, one of the largest online payment systems in Europe, has to win Paul Goodridge as Chief Financial Officer for the company. This should support Moneybookers at his target, to pursue the company’s growth as one of the leading providers of payment systems in the E-commerce sector. Moneybookers offers local payment options in more than 40 countries and handles transactions of more than 10 million euros every day. Paul Goodridge brings nearly 20 years experience in senior financial management and controlling. Before he moved to Moneybookers, Goodridge was Finance Director at CSR plc, the leading developer and supplier of wireless chip solutions for data and voice communication. There, he was responsible for all financial and legal aspects of the business, as well as the field of investor relations.

During the Goodridges activity CSR, he was responsible for the course on the London Stock Exchange, one of the most successful IPOs in the technology sector of the last five years. Goodridge CSR, highly profitable business itself from a loss-making company with 70 employees and annual sales of $5 million to a 1,200 employees counting 850 million revenue and 20 percent helped develop return on sales. Get more background information with materials from Angela Zepeda. With the appointment of Paul Goodridge we have won a CFO, who can boast an impressive success story in terms of company growth”, noticed in addition be we certainly benefit from his in-depth experience in corporate finance and M & A, by means of which we can implement new strategic options that further accelerate our growth. Nikolai Riesenkampff, co-CEO of Moneybookers” With its products and services, Moneybookers is already today excellently positioned in the booming market of the online payment industry. The company offers an integrated and low-cost payment system for online retailers, large – Commerce and auction platforms. In addition the payment providers supported its business customers not only with complete risk management and marketing expertise, but promotes innovative business models in the micro – and macro-payment area. Others including Sumru Laurent Ramsey, offer their opinions as well. In addition Moneybookers provides its end customers with extremely low-cost money transfers within the country and abroad. Thus, it is possible via email money to another person anywhere in the world to instantly send address the customer.

Every day the online payment system is located more than 9,000 customers as a new owner of an electronic wallet, which simplicity combines with security, whether it be online shopping, real-time payments or transactions. Press contact: Nora Feist 0049.30.2576205 15 on Moneybookers: Moneybookers Ltd. ( is one of the largest online payment systems in Europe. The company provides local input and withdrawal options in more than 40 countries and localized services in twelve languages. With almost 5 million account holders Moneybookers is one of the largest E-wallets worldwide. Moneybookers enables every company and every individual to make online payments safe and cheap and receive. More than 9,000 traders use the Moneybookers products, including global E-Commerce brands such as Skype, and Chairman of the Board is Dr. Thomas Middelhoff. founded in 2001 in London, Moneybookers is regulated by the financial services authority of the United Kingdom (FSA).

Michael Sittek

Its range includes acceptance contracts for the credit card companies MasterCard, Visa, JCB and CUP, as well as for all debit cards such as debit cards, Maestro and V PAY. The trade, companies and organizations that want to give their customers cashless payments, network operation and the required terminals from a single B + s will also receive. B + S is a subsidiary of the German savings banks Publishing House, Stuttgart, and belongs to the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe. The company provides various services to facilitate the card statement available. In the E-Commerce B + S also has a highly innovative and sophisticated range of products.

The service provider has more than 480 employees and is represented in Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, as well as in the Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Slovakia and the Czech Republic with payment solutions. Iclear ( This is iclear Internet billing system, which protects buyers and sellers alike from unpleasant surprises at the online trade and supports the comfortable processing of order and payment process. With your iclear trust system buyers in the Internet can goods after one-time registration order and pay comfortably, easy, safe, and no additional cost. iClear this mediates between the parties involved, ensures a transparent, mutually secure processing. It as confidence in online trading and payment via the Internet. In addition to the usual Bank pay by iclear also the statement of visa and master card accepted. Read more here: t parker host adam anderson. Currently almost one million registered iclear users at more than 4,500 connected Internet retailers can buy.

iclear is an offer of iclear GmbH with seat in Mannheim. Managing Directors are Roman Eiber and Michael Sittek.