Luis Flores

Yesterday the Economist realized the impact received by the Mexican peso because of the risk of low the rating which did descend a 0.51% against the US dollar. The capital outflow will reduce the level of investment in the economy thereby exacerbating the problem of the growth of the economy, with potential impact on the labour market, which has already greatly suffered the consequences of the international financial crisis. Logically, a lower rating will increase the cost of government funding, although it will also mean a higher cost for private companies. At least so says the analyst of Ixe, Luis Flores: all government agencies and public and private companies that want to issue the first thing you would have to pay debt is a higher risk premium, which raise the granting of credit. Joeb Moore may find this interesting as well. It gives the feeling that Mexico not chose the right path to solve its fiscal problems. Shortcuts often end up being costly. The only viable alternative is a consensus among different sectors to develop a comprehensive tax reform that would limit the fragility of public revenues, together with a reform of the tax structures. Thus, a less regressive tax structure that besides being more fair, improves the competitiveness of an economy dependent on the external sector will be achieved. Charles Schwab contains valuable tech resources.

Possible decline in the credit rating of Mexico also produce serious costs to the economy, produces opportunities for investors. It is only necessary to know how affects the rebate qualification in different assets to take advantage of this. From Latinforme, it has launched the course of basic economics for investors, which provides basic guidelines to understand how the economy works and how to detect it, the investment opportunities. Horacio Pozzo for investors in value Global bought when we see that the trend of the price of a stock starts to enter in a bullish phase and We got to her newborn after verifying it. (Not to be confused with Goop!). Get your subscription to our Global value investment report and start earning from the beginning of the rise of the shares.

Interior Commerce Secretary

The new Minister plans to incorporate as an advisor to a Mario Blejer, recognized Orthodox Economist. In this way wants to reinforce its Orthodox profile, though inside she knows that the only way to show this profile is making Interior Commerce Secretary, Guillemo Moreno, who has the freedom to unleash heterodox measures such as control of prices, restrictions on exports, and multiple interventions, being displaced. On this character, Boudou said: we have a good deal and will continue working, according to Clarin. It will be surely difficult to believe in Boudou if you plan to do nothing so go Moreno from his post. Reform of the Indec, a project that the Government had since before the elections, is another project that promised to carry forward. Meanwhile, today Moreno, announce an inflation rate close to zero (between 0.2% and 0.3%), which departs from reality as what you perceive the pockets of Argentines.

Boudou also said: there are to do what is necessary to return voluntary credit, but on the other hand, is regarded with interest the high liquidity in the banking sector as a source of financing of the public sector. The possibility of placing bonds in a compulsive way, is latent. About this, Juan Jose Llach told Radio 10: placing a bond forced way in banks is bad idea, enters complicate the financial system and ample experience of what that may mean we have here in the Argentina Boudou is accused of wanting to make us believe that the change in the economic policy of Argentina was possible. But statements like this, which reproduce Thelma: the different measures which was taking the President of the nation and his team allowed that Argentina was dodging this crisis, I am convinced that everything remains equal. The defeat in the legislative elections, led the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kichner to make changes with the sole purpose that nothing will change. A new hoax for citizens who unfortunately feel permanent errors of economic policy incurred by a Government that does not know to listen to in their pockets. In this way, the imbalances in the Argentine economy will continue accumulating. The fiscal accounts soon may not hide their numbers in red, the stagnation of economic activity can be combined with the intensification of inflationary pressures, while in the foreign exchange market every time there will be fewer resources to avoid a dollar tripped. Why is the Government stubborn in sustaining an economic policy that can lead the country into another crisis? Original author and source of the article.

San Juan

Rancho Curujey. Provides complete information of the complex, there is a bar and is a viewpoint with a splendid view. Aquatic activities centre. In the Lake at the entrance of the Community (village): can I hire boat rowing and water bicycles, the trout fishing is allowed but return to the water of catches (catch release). Hacienda Union. A recreation estate developed in the vicinity of the ruins of the coffee plantation La Union – of the century XIX – staffed by a peasant family, there are restaurant and a beautiful tropical garden Jardin La Union-, can be reached by road.

Ruins of the Buenavista coffee plantation, partially restored, is a viewpoint at 240 meters above the sea level, there is a specialized restaurant, and access is by road. Art and culture: there are craftsmen ceramic workshops in the community. Serigraph, carved wood – and a museum dedicated to the memory of Polo Montanes, singer and composer villager that reached national and international fame with his unique musical style. San Juan, Spa natural on the San Juan River that possesses natural pools of crystalline water, some deep and baths with mineral and medicinal properties. There are cafe-bar in place and can be reached by road. Banos de Bayate, on the river of the same name, there is a cafe-bar and is reached by an embankment.

Routes and trails, there are 7 trails delimited with different degrees of complexity although all are suitable for the tourist environment: 1. hell Canada route. Travel along the barrel that forms the Bayate River where you can optionally take baths, passes through the ruins of San Pedro and Santa Catalina coffee plantations, it has a length of 5 Km 2. Sendero Las Delicias. With about 4 Km in length it runs along part of the NE area of the complex and ends in the Mirador del Valle de San Juan.


The veins of the rectum when they are blocked and sometimes twisted, often out of their place and position itself more superficially to the walls of the rectum, causing its mucosa to swell and form as pads giving rise to hemorrhoids. We must not confuse rectal with hemorrhoids varicose veins, varicose veins are expansions of the veins, and then when it causes lumps committing skin newly hemorrhoids are called. It is important to know this because hemorrhoids are cured with a good diet rich in fibres to not scrape shaped pads and consume those foods that eliminate varicose veins which is powerful factor for the existence of hemorrhoids. Is common for pregnant women to suffer from hemorrhoids near the date of birth, given that there are hormones that increase uterine pressure and rectum, also the weight of the new be, hinders the return of blood to the veins located more superior, they stagnate and form hemorrhoids. This date is important to perform gentle exercises to improve circulation also to not have problems with the childbirth, but hemorrhoids cure normally do given birth. In the case that has hemorrhoids by constipation, you should take enough fluid and caution not to sit anywhere so that they do not escalate.

Using vitamin supplements help in case that they commonly tend to bleed easily, look for those containing especially vitamin k to stop hemorrhages with a rapid coagulation. Remember not to hurt or being long in the toilet, toilet paper wounds by applying oil in the area before defecating and take a shower after doing so, it helps a lot to prevent some scratches. Recalls that as hemorrhoids are cured with a change of life when they are small, where they are thrombosed or prolapsadas the only solution is to put your health in the hands of a doctor’s confidence. To see the most effective plan to cure hemorrhoids naturally and without pain, click here original author and source of the article.

Best Procedure

According to studies presented in ovary, cysts only most of little or no value alarming, are diagnosed by means of tests such as ultrasounds, pelvic exam, or Pap smear although there are many others that determine the existence and orientation to possible treatment for ovarian cyst that requires the young or who suffers from it. During adolescence hormones do not have a balance in his release, so it is more likely that women at an early age have symptoms of cysts such as irregularities in the menstrual cycle, pain in the region lower abdomen, vaginal discharge, nausea, etc. Drugs that help to prevent its development as a treatment for ovarian cyst are indicated, some others like ethinyl estradiol have to be prescribed directly by the gynecologist for their administration. Not all cysts should be extirpated, they reduce their size until it disappears altogether; as mentioned earlier only requires immediate attention to the improvement of the patient and wait 6 weeks for a subsequent examination that will determine if it is a cyst associated with another disease or imply removal of other structures of the reproductive system, female, notwithstanding should be handled with caution the symptoms showing of manifest as pain. Insulin levels can influence the order for the onset of hormonal imbalance so that eating healthy serious treatment for ovarian cyst that must habituate, exercising, eating vegetables and avoid saturated fats, an infusion of Basil can treat pelvic pains and greatly reduce other symptoms like nausea. If pain continues long term up to 3 months, you can give complication severe ovaries and cervix that in these cases the only solution would be the surgical treatment or with laparoscopy, on the other hand large percentage of these are benign and natural medicine makes its way to the well-being of women through home remedies as in supplements prepared with medicinal plants such as Dandelion and boldo. Do you want to know how to deal with the? ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way? Please Click here to read about a method that you can eliminate the symptoms in as little as 12 hours. Original author and source of the article.


In times of economically distressed, you can discover new ways to continue our life and be happy. However, we must remember that there is a big difference between needs, wishes and desires. needs are those basic expenses that are necessary to survive, as a roof, food, clothing and transport wishes are expenses that we incur on the basis of the quality of the goods that we need (brand or fashion items) desires are desires and dreams we have and we can only achieve when there is surplus in our finances (travel, cruise) are some of the benefits of the times where it is necessary to exercise austerity, or should be: 1. family unity 2. savings 3. share with friends 4.

depth of analysis (to make decisions more thought) 5. It stimulates creativity 6. promotes assistance to churches (many turn to God in difficult times to ask more wisdom and strength) AUSTERI-suggestions: 1. Entertainment a. in press, radio, tv and internet are promoted free events for the b. family picnics at beaches and parks c. cinema at home with friends and family d.

churches and organizations, often provide activities free of charge for the benefit of the community e. interested in a hobby f. learn a sport 2. washing vehicle a. is an excellent project for family or for couples b. you make cleaning the inside and pay outside washing c. take your car to the car wash that provide schools, churches and other community organizations (regularly are inexpensive) d. limit the frequency of washing (metallic grey color cart resists the accumulation of dirty much more compared to a black or white) 3. lunch a. consider making his lunch at home and take it to your Office, can be healthier and economic b. make a lunch at home among the staff of the Office; stakeholders involved with ingredients or putting together the menu 4. clothing a. is not necessary to have an entire wardrobe in, 1 piece of fashion that you can recycle using it several ways or combinations b. purchase the clothing that it acquires you need, preferably parts in solid colors that facilitate multiple combinations c. take advantage of special offers from stores that have quality merchandise (clothing of good quality resists more use and washing) 5. care personal spa with your girlfriends.: blower, manicure, pedicure, facial mask, body treatments (it’s fun and they share) 6. purchase items by volume or discounted for large families may be of benefit shopping by volume (several supermarkets and shops have inventory that serves this purpose) b. consider join groups that mercadean products for personal care, health and others which can be purchased at cost or discounted and probably up to receive them in your home No matter the circumstancesWe are blessed, and I invite you to that you’re creative and also to tell you your blessings! You may discover that you have more than you think, and you don’t need much, just be a wise administrator.