Traveling To Istanbul

Impressions from the largest city in Turkey were simply magnificent. And there are explanations. Firstly, it is an excellent hotel (Ibis Hotel). This hotel offers excellent service, is located directly on the beach in just 15 minutes from aeroporta.Da and prices quite comprehensible – to 100 euros. The view from the hotel is simply amazing, especially at sunset. Every day he admired and was moved.

Secondly, I had the unforgettable opportunity to the two-hour cruise on the ship around Istanbul. It Then I noticed all the charm of this unique city, which harmoniously blend of European and Arab culture. Because everyone who is planning a trip to Istanbul strongly recommend to make this cruise tour indifferent, he will not leave you for sure! Third – shopping. Turkey is a paradise for shopaholics Russian. Home Trade vein Istanbul – Grand Bazaar. There you can buy anything you want, for the price is 2-3 times lower than in Russia.

The quality of counterfeit branded items at the highest level. One dealer I asked about the quality of things and he gave me a very important example. Showed the 'branded' 2 identical shirts. Only one made in China, and another – Turkey. The difference is huge! In general, I want to say that the Turkish textile is very, very good. By the way many Russian tourists travel to Turkey, exclusively for 'rags'. I am to them by the way, too, is not indifferent))) Still it should be noted that shops in fur factories, you can buy a premium fur things, and the price is 2 times lower than in Russia! The main sights of Istanbul is Sultanahmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia (now a museum). They are situated practically opposite each other in the historical center of Sultanahmet. I was really surprised by these two creations! Sultanahmet Mosque – one of the largest and most beautiful mosques of Istanbul. Is symbol of the city. Entry for tourists allowed into the mosque is completely free, but it will have to endure a great place (tourists are always very much a big fuss). Inside the mosque entrance in the shoe is prohibited, so shoes should shoot at the entrance. Hagia Sophia – an Orthodox cathedral, now a museum. The history of the cathedral has more than 1000 years. Currently inside the cathedral is a small reconstruction, because the construction of very old (Cathedral founded in 324). Museum entrance fee, 20 Turkish liras (400 rubles), but I tell you, it's worth it! In addition to the above, add that in Istanbul a lot of Russian, it seems they are everywhere! Therefore, language difficulties can not be. Perhaps this whole story about my stay in Turkey. In conclusion, I say briefly, that Istanbul is simply amazing city. I hope that more someday fate will throw me in there and I once again udast'sya it all through!

Resting Place

'Velikiy Novgorod – one of the oldest cities in Russia ' – so begins a tour of Novgorod, a majority of city guides. We release the guide home and go to their own, voluntarily sail on past. To to truly understand this city, feel the sweet, the salty-tart taste it difficult, sometimes brutal and bloody history, you'll need a week. But just around the main memorial sites, making a hundred or beautiful photos, very real, and one or two days. Our first stop – Ancient Trading or Yaroslav's Court. Its name, this place got the name of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, who at the turn of the X-XI centuries built here Big Duke's Palace, the magnificence surpassing all similar structures in Europe (until today has not survived).

Ancient Trading was one of the places where Veche, here came from different Russian cities and the Hanseatic ships, and here was in full swing trade. During a walk through these places you probably wonder why in one place, a few meters from each other, located just seven churches. The answer is simple: large merchant guilds, had their own backyards to the Marketplace, so secure a place in Novgorod, built temples for their money. An exception is the oldest building of Yaroslav's Court – St. Nicholas Cathedral, built in 1113 by Prince Mstislav. Crossing the bridge over the , you get to the heart of Veliky Novgorod, Kremlin. The first mention of 'Detinets', so it was called the ancient, refers to 1044.