First People

We as professionals have realized that a man with a briefcase or a person with a team does not solve the problems of the employer and does not meet its needs. To understand this myself employer, it is sufficient to give a couple of guide questions, for example, the question of how he believes his business will suffer if, if that person leaves within a year, taking the old and new customers? Or, if he believes that a successful manager in the first place should be able to pick a team and not pull for a people in whose jurisdiction the employer is, in fact, has the right to doubt. Relying on relatives and friends. For even more opinions, read materials from Charles Schwab. The employer, believing that taking a job close to people, to protect itself from dishonest conduct on the part of employees. In fact, everything – on the contrary. If you need to calculate the honesty, it means that the company processes arranged so that they encourage dishonest behavior, corruption and peaching. Learn more at this site: john k castle.

In this case, family ties are a major hindrance. Harder to dismiss such an employee and the employee is aware of this. Such a worker seriously motivate, or it does not take seriously or manager understands that claims to speak to his people – not well. The company, in which more than 5% of its employees to convert to PR, there is a situation in which the head unpleasantly dependent on his subordinates, engages in the internal intrigue and conflict, begins to work inefficiently and, in the end, it fills up. If you want to tile in your bathroom has been laid flat, and if at least one tile stacked askew, without wrangling would be offloaded, then in any case do not hire relatives for such work. You can not control the tiler, if you are united with him more than an oral contract for the laying tiles in the bathroom.

Car Department

That is, if you need to get to the other end of town, and you go there on foot, walking pace, it is also, by definition, will be effective. But if you sit in the car and get to your destination, then it would probably be a little more efficiently. So here the time factor should be given due attention, as if, for example, sales manager, does not so much sales allotted time, so it could be called effective, it is simply inefficient. This is in principle simple enough to understand this, and I am sure that nothing particularly new, I have discovered. But. Let's see where it all this leads to. Here is the sales manager doing his job. Makes it reluctantly, as if with laziness.

Still, by all means try to show that he was at work, he looks at the monitor, he writes something and somewhere to call. But the result minimum. What makes his head, seeing this picture? He thinks, 'Maybe this guy can not handle. It is necessary to hire a couple more managers to somehow raise the sales department. " And after a few days can observe such a picture – in the department roam a couple of new employees who are also trying every way to show that they have something to do there that they can be useful, but ultimately, they are simply ballast which pulls down this department.

But think for a moment – unless those people someone doing? Someone showed them where to go in such a case, or at least how to make phone calls? And here we are encounter with another factor. 2. Education. After all, if these people someone taught elementary things, they would become much more efficient than they were before. They probably could even have a weekend show off successfully deals. They would even understand what is required of them.