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Low tide is at the bottom of the outer part, and the window sill – the bottom inside of the window opening. Reflux is used for diversion of rain and meltwater. Ebb and sill is usually installed under the window, not in a joint with him, so that water could not seep into the joints. On the outer side Profile has drainage holes. In order not to close them during the installation, care must be taken to the lower edge of the frame does not overlap the outer edge of the window opening.

In this case, the connection between reflux and the frame, as well as between the frame and sill should be sealed. The ten: to control the quality of services. Thus, we considered the main issues to be brought to the attention of companies, refiners, specializing in the assembly and installation of pvc window-profile. In conclusion, we should say a few words about this important aspect of how contact with the consumer. To effectively monitor the quality of services and works rapid response to the claims and wishes of customers, as well as market monitoring mechanism should be established customer feedback. One of the most effective means of feedback – toll-free hot line.

Organizations involved in assembling and installing windows, create a special department of quality control orders and services. Their main function – complaints and suggestions of consumers, as well as control actions, taken to solve problems. This fruitful cooperation of the manufacturer and the customer is key to improving competitiveness. To summarize: to succeed and compete in present conditions can only be if the pay careful attention to all aspects of production, preparation and installation work. This applies to the quality of materials used, and to professional training, and mandatory compliance with technological requirements, and operating schemes of work with clients. And all of these components have the same level of significance and none of them should not be neglected.