Medical Secret Experiments

In 1952/53 they dispersed zinc-cadmium sulfide particle clouds synthesized on the students of the Clinton school of Minneapolis (Minnesota); Saint Louis, the Fort Wayne, the Valley of the Monocacy (Maryland), Leesburg (Virginia), other states of the center and Winnipeg (Canada), " in order to see how much dispersaran". In 1965, agents of the Army loosen to the bacillus globigii in the national airport of Washington and the terminal of Greyhound buses. In 1966, they spread to bacteria sustilus varilus in the Broadway station, New York. Files of the plutonium These ends of the iceberg seem of science fiction. Although they are covered with silence, they illustrate the terrorist vocation of the EE.UU. government with his own people. Although it is not easy to obtain data, the truth always finishes by knowing itself. An investigation of journalist Eileen Welsome documented in 1993 the history of 18 cases of radiation in the book The Plutonium Files: America" s Medical Secret Experiments in the Cold War (the archives of the plutonium: secret medical experiments during the Cold War).

The work of Welsome on the declassified secret files made an impression to Hazel O" Leary, secretary of Energy of Clinton, that promoted an investigation that in 1994 was very resisted by " inslita". Welsome revealed that 73 defenseless minors of a school of Massachusetts ingested radioactive isotopes in oats of the breakfast, a woman of New York was injected with plutonium by the doctors of the Manhattan project – the atomic bomb that took care of a pituitary disorder to him, while 829 embarrassed drank " cocktails vitamnicos" in a clinic of Tennessee, but in fact they contained radioactive iron. The government of Clinton formed a commission – presided over by Ruth Fade- to investigate the cases of radiation in human beings denounced by Welsome. Nevertheless, the report did not satisfy because there were no guilty.