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Any company can be accessed to perform a plan of this kind and remember that word of mouth is marketing tool more powerful that is known, do not leave of side Balseiro adds, that the mouth produces perfect segmentation: the one by one. When a person tells another about something, know: The person who is What are their tastes and preferences How has your family What is his story of life Which topics interest you and which are not. And if that was little: You has a relationship with that people share moments and communicates, is a trust that would be unparalleled by any other advertising tool! You then becomes the most powerful marketing tool that humanity has ever known. It’s that simple, so difficult to achieve. Let’s keep moving forward.

Knowledge Wharton contributes, to take into account that the diffusion of a product by word of mouth system what the authors call contagion can happen, and indeed happens in social networks. The study also showed that marketing professionals may have to rethink the points of dissemination that they consider more important in their word of mouth campaigns. Conclusions definitely consider what drew Balseiro, Word of mouth marketing is a tool that has psychological, and sociological roots where interpersonal communication mechanisms make reinforcements that promote the purchase action. And this is a big difference with other communicational tactics, the mouth goes directly when it reaches a decisive stage in the purchase decision process. What better situation which directly affect at the time that the action of consumption is brewing?. The most important thing of all this is that this is the culmination of the process, which begins with a rigorous investigation of the mouth. 19/3/09 Original author and source of the article.