Environmentally Friendly Wooden Window !

Tree – a classic material for making windows. Wood is energy saving, environmental and reproductive material with extensive use and has long been successfully used in the manufacture of windows. Manufactured and designed in accordance with the present state of the art, wooden windows are stable, well preserving the shape and durable construction elements with fine construction and physical characteristics. Thanks to its natural structure, the tree has high strength characteristics and is easily treatable. Wood windows may be made individually and manufactured in any size. They are characterized by good insulating qualities, and on its density, sound insulation and resistance to mechanical stress equal to the windows made of other materials. Selecting wood for the manufacture of wooden windows made from woods that are already well established for this purpose. Used as proper for the production of wood windows is divided into deciduous and coniferous species.

Despite these shortcomings, many prefer the traditional wood. Wooden window frames of the modern type is mainly made of pine, oak, beech, walnut, mahogany. Preference is given to the red tree, since it is well processed, and allows precise adjustment of parts. In addition, mahogany almost does not shrink over time. To preserve the properties of wood and its longevity, it is processed by a special protective impregnation. Of course, the window frames of mahogany rather expensive, but there is always an opportunity to buy options and cheaper, the more that the usual pine with coverage under the oak, beech or walnut look very attractive.