Diamond Jewelry

Determine the value of a diamond is determined using the four "C" The value of a diamond determines its quality characteristics. The most important quality characteristics for a diamond: Purity (Clarity) are, cut (Cut), weight (cut) and color (Color). This is known as the "4-C" of a diamond, because of the "C" 's in the English translation of the quality characteristics. Cut – Cut Fine sanding and polishing to give the diamond the brilliance and splendor for which he is known. Minimal errors will be punished with large, permanent loss of value. It is not only the form itself, but also the proportion of the section decisive. The sander has only one chance. Errors will be immediately punished.

Correct size of the cut are of the utmost importance and must be made carefully. The brilliant cut is probably the best known feature of all diamond cuts and the diamond must have at least 58 facets. The light is reflected from one facet to the next, and broken a few times, so it at the end the viewer entgegenblitzt. Weight – Carat The weight of the diamonds are weighed in carats. One carat is the equivalent of 0.2 grams, the value of a diamond decide on the weight. A Dreikarater so ct diamond with a 3.0. is significantly less than one carat ct 1.0.

The bigger, heavier the diamond the more expensive. The price does not increase linearly but exponentially. Small example. A diamond – flawless – EF – Top Finish with 1.0 ct. Costs about 10,000 a diamond with 2.0 ct. the same quality color contrast, even 40 000 – Color There are different shades of a diamond is colorless – D to yellow. Thereby the basis of internationally recognized series of stone used as a basis and compared with the color of the diamonds examined. The color of D (also colorless – River called) is the highest because "most colorless" Farbeinstufung. The scale ranges to Z color diamonds are called "fancy" colors, which include orange, green, pink, blue etc. Some Color Diamonds, also known as "Fancy Color diamonds get called at auction some top prizes. Purity – Clarity The number of inclusions, and their size and their positions determine the purity of the diamond. Here the stones are examined under a 10x magnifier. Displays a stone on any internal defects, he is known as Flawless (English Lupe Clean). Inclusions prevent an optimal light reflection – refraction. The guest with flawless is the highest award for diamond gems. This could even find experts no inclusions under 10x magnification.