Body Days

In this article, I propose to adapt these garments and accessories so that each one can determine within the options available, what is what helps to optimize the image. The length of the pilot pilot must be proportional to the length of the person. A person of small stature will seem even lower than with an overlong pilot. Also, we should look at if you have big hips that the pilot, in case of being short, not finished just below the hips since this will increase its volume. The ideal is to finish on the hip. A single line of buttons buttons will make the person appear more slender, lengthening your silhouette.

However, two buttons in parallel lines do not drastically increase volume since being along the garment, they allow eye to note up and down without being interrupted, lengthening the figure. Flaps flaps must also be proportionate to the person using the garment. If a person with enough bust uses a pilot with narrow lapels, it shall make the bust look larger. Is not recommended that you people of little bust using too wide lapels, because it will not generate extra volume, but low bust that have highlighted. Pockets pockets always generate extra volume in the zone where they are located, why we should consider if in the pilot are located in areas that we do not favour too since those models are not the most flattering. The boots in today there is great variety of designs and patterns available, so that we can combine the boots with the rest of the set, avoiding the monotony or a boring look. You must be careful in the length of the cane already that high cane boots are sentadoras for women’s long legs, otherwise, only help to shorten the leg.

For short legs, botinetas are not recommended since they also shrink the legs. Average cane boots are ideal in general for all kinds of leg. Another factor to consider is the volume of the legs that, if we have legs rather than filled, with major hips, it is not recommended that the boot covers the pants. This is so because in these cases the legs, below the knees, tend to be more narrow and slender and if boots cover the narrowest part, will only make even more noticeable this asymmetry between the parties top and bottom of the legs. If instead, the boots are covered with trouser used, your legs will look more harmonious and balanced. Umbrellas at this point, I just want to point out that the size of the umbrella must be relative to the size of the person wearing it. A very small umbrella in a big texture person will only make the person seems to have a texture is even greater and vice versa (a person of small texture will be lost in the oversized umbrella that can take with you). In order to optimize the image holistically, I recommend also an analysis of Colorimetry, such as Styletto Image Studio offers to use garments and accessories in shades that favor them, give greater lightness and freshness to the face and don’t make them seem tired or exhausted. I hope that These observations are useful to them. Lic. Laura Malpeli de Jordaan Asesora image and founder of Styletto Image Studio original author and source of the article.