Although obvious, the first action to take when there is a physical problem as when pita bread you the right ear, is without doubt, is ride to the doctor’s confidence. It will be this one, the person best qualified to diagnose our problem or refer us to the specialist that corresponds. Anyway it is never more having some information about what happens before the consultation with the doctor. In fact, many times it may help the symptom that ails us, that perhaps we have some tool to be able to better indicate the doctor what happens we know a little better. Many times you lose valuable time in studies or tests that could be avoided if the patient provide a complete information at the time of the first interview with the doctor, when it performs a general anamnesis of the presented symptoms. First of all you should know that when pita you right ear only (or the left, but only one), are dealing with a symptom called unilateral tinnitus or tinnitus. AND When the tinnitus is present beep, whistle or bell-shaped, is called non-pulsatile tinnitus.

Well, we already know that our ear beep is called unilateral non-pulsatile tinnitus. Once you know a little better our symptom, we could try to gather some more information about it. We should pay a little attention to be clear for example, at what time of day increases or decreases, if it becomes more annoying at bedtime, if next tinnitus emerged any other symptoms, if there is a family history, etc. This information will be a guide to help the specialist more quickly reach a correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment of the problem when pita bread you the right ear. For your peace of mind, you should know that most tinnitus cases correspond to simple Otologic disorders or even may result from the consumption of certain drugs. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make the tinnitus go away for always. If you want to read as I personally I managed to accidentally eliminate tinnitus, you have Click here.

The Strength

What power being present at this time? Through which activities I leave me flowing? Leo source in this week we are urging our environment, because we cannot be able to expose to others our point of view without being a common point of view. We feel powerless against the possibility of expressing what we think and who we are in reality. This state requires us to return towards ourselves, to be able to develop the strength to confront those who surround us. If we do not practice this exercise, it is possible that our personality will become ashes. Why it costs us expose us as we are to others? To what internal energy should we have recourse? Sagittarius patience projects that we have put in place have lost the initial vitality. Anxiety about the results that can occur before the ideas put into action paralyzes us. It is convenient to wait, and let pass before our events without intervening, because everything we do already did it, now, we hope.

Why me anxiety paralyzes? Why can’t wait to the natural rhythm of things? Taurus – postponement this week finds us with the need to make a very important decision, because it depends on us to be cut a process affecting us negatively. The consequence of our decision will be lasting, therefore necessary that take aware mode. So our mind is clear, and we can move forward it is time to stop postponing everything for some time. With what we should cut our good? Why are we tend to postpone our decisions? Virgo stranger week finds us determined to get us underway, and to realize our ideas, which up to the time we them not to do so. To view the passibility to realize our projects concern, and makes us feel that they perhaps won’t be well received, which are rather strange to the common environment.