The good notice is that these sectors are less important here of what in other countries, in terms of job, pointers of renda’ ‘ , economist Marcelo Nri said, who co-ordinated the research ‘ ‘ Chronicles of an Announced Crisis: External shocks and the New Mdia’ Classroom; ‘. In the same period of the two previous years – 2007 and 2006 – the classrooms and the B went up 3% in the pyramid. If before the crisis, of each 100 people who were in the classrooms and B 20 fell to each year, today, this relation arrive the 25. ‘ ‘ She is there that the signals of the crisis are more visveis’ ‘ , she evidenced researcher. Of these 25 people, four had fallen directly for the E.Nri classroom explain that it is probable that they are people who had lost the job or had declared insolvent on account of the crisis. The fact of relatively closed the Brazilian economy and to be regulated guaranteed a bigger external financial protection of shock.

The researcher says, however, that the crisis increased in fact the risk of workers of the classrooms, B and C to fall for lower platform. According to it, between September and December, the possibility was 2% greater that in the previous scene to the crisis. Since January, it started to be 12% greater. For the financial sector and the industry, the situation is worse. The possibility of a worker of the financial sector to leave the classrooms, B and C between September and December was 9% greater of what before the crisis. From January, greater was 13.5%. In the industry, these indices are of 2,7% and 4,1%, respectively.

Necessity of politics pblicasMarcelo Nri standed out the importance of the public politics of income transference and injection of public demand in moments as this. It cited as example the program Stock market Family who, according to it, takes care of 25% of the Brazilian population. In the opinion of the economist, the Plan of Acceleration of Crescimento (PAC) is another important tool in the damping of the crisis in the economy of the country, beyond improving the logistic place. Nri alerted that, even so the public politics are necessary, them are not enough in the long stated period. ‘ ‘ If people to spend many resources in missed way, in the future, when the crisis to pass, we will be with the hand brake puxado.’ ‘ It defended instruments that create microcredits, allowances, microsseguros and investment in education so that the country and the classrooms poor face the future effect of crise.ConclusesEm August of last year one another study of the FGV showed that in six years more than 4 million Brazilians had promoted of the probreza to the call C.Em classroom December of 2008 the middle class corresponded 53.8% of the total of the population. The phenomenon was given at the beginning of 2009 of retraction, where people who had improved of life are returning to its standard of previous income. Such constataes are preoccupying, therefore if the movement that was registered in January to continue the country would lose everything what it was conquered in recent years of economic stability. We need to act. Angela Zepeda has compatible beliefs. to act fast.