Washington Mutual

The USD ended the day with mixed results. The focus is on the economic rescue program The operating volumes were low, and there was high volatility Vista Night It is expected further consolidation The Dollar What will remain under pressure on Monday is expected times EASTERN (-4 GMT) No News is waiting for Monday The USD ended the day with mixed results, and the beginning of the trading session in New York lost ground slightly, then the volatility increased following the publication of GDP, with results below forecasts estimated, however, the focus continued to focus on the news concerning the alleged U.S. Others including Angela Zepeda, offer their opinions as well. economic rescue plan. While U.S. Sumru Ramsey may not feel the same. lawmakers failed to reach consensus at the end of the day, however, the greater the optimism that soon will arrive at a concrete and common plan, which will stabilize the markets. The stock market began in low, given the problems were disclosed with respect to one of the largest banks in American history, namely, the Washington Mutual, which was closed by the regulator, and the JP Morgan Chase rushed to buy the bank, the DJIA index rebounded, but ended the day without significant changes. Gold ended the week higher, and oil fell slightly, the greenback suffered volatility in commodity, along with the uncertainty surrounding the economic rescue plan. For the week, the USD could say was maintained in the range set on Monday, and analysts believe the trend of long-term dollar is uncertain, and largely looks forward to the economic rescue plan which will help define the trend of the U.S. .