In the society model where we live where the young is fit many times as passive and mentally ill before the participation in the social decisions, the drug can be used as an inefficient form of protest, what it does not mean a disorganization personal, but perpetuates thus a vicious circle, where the young on action of the drugs that them of the pleasure and anestesiam sensitivity, passes if to come back exactly more toward itself or nothing, making with that these, exactly being unsatisfied with the laws, pass not to react on what them is tax (CARLINI, 1995). To if dealing with the adolescence, if it makes interesting the historical search of this process throughout the times, therefore as Deleuze apud Oliveira (2001) demonstrates, will have different rites of ticket as the historical moment (OLIVEIRA, 2001). Being thus, to if searching these moments, we can visualize, according to Foucault apud Oliveira (2001), the ticket of the society predominance to discipline for the society of lives deeply one desterritorializao, where the citizen if more comes across each time with the existencial necessity to need to say: mine I, to ahead fill the hole of this inexistence of I of the abstract equality. (DELEUZE apud OLIVEIRA, 2001, p.36-37). In contrast of what the psychology of the development propagated throughout the times of that the adolescence is a conturbado and estressante period, the current trend is to consider the definition of adolescence from certain produced cultural and subjective conditions in the ticket of the traditional society to the modern, that is, as a phenomenon modern occidental person (OLIVEIRA, 2001). To if thus thinking, the adolescence today cannot more being characterized only for the biological changes, but yes as a complex process of psicossocial development, not existing borders that delimit its> beginning and end, therefore it can precede the puberty and if draw out throughout the adultez (HUTZ, 2002).