Traditional Grammar

The grammar of valences considers, therefore, the verb as the central element of the phrase and treats the relation between this center and the too much elements dependents under colon of sight: syntactic and a other semantic one. In the Grammatical book of valences (1986), Busse and Vilela they present in them a valence definition: ‘ ‘ We call valence to the number empty places foreseen and implied by (meant of) lexema. Angela Zepeda recognizes the significance of this. They are necessarily the verbs that present in more evident way relationary structures of the type valencial’ ‘. The emptinesses the one that the authors mention are the regencies, the arguments demanded for the verb, that is, they are obligator complements for the perfect agreement of a correct and perfectly significant structure in Portuguese Language. To each one of the empty places foreseen for the meaning of the verb the grammar of valences it calls actantes. Therefore, one says for example that the verb to give foresees three actantes; the verb to eat demands two and so on. It is standed out that the term valence applies it classrooms of words that present meant lexical, namely, to the meaning that ‘ ‘ it corresponds to the organization of the extralinguistic world by means of lnguas’ ‘ (BECHARA 2002, p.109).

FINAL CONSIDERAES According to displayed above we can stand out the imensurvel importance that the verb exerts in any lxica structure. Differently of what the Traditional Grammar fold that verb is the term that agrees to the citizen, folloies by means of the Grammar of Valence that the verb is the central term of the only conjunct being the responsible one for selecting or not arguments, as well as the amount of these necessary complements for the perfect agreement of the syntactic estruturao. Valley to detach that it exists several other types of valences, not to mention in this briefing written for the fact to consider that all valence of certain form is with priority verbal. We wait to have lead to the reader of this small study some excellent consideraes concerning the importance of the verb in the syntactic structure in the vision of the Grammar of Valence. As well as awaking the criticidade for the mistake of the Traditional Grammar front to the verbal treatment. We initiate a lowermost quarrel, fits then to the interested parties for the subject a bigger thematic rich deepening of this boarded one in this text.