The Use

Spider mites attacked not only the leaves but also like the shoot tips of plants where they leersaugen the tiny and young leaves and branches. This affected plants usually die now, what with spider mite infestations can often see the black residue contamination in the shoot tips. Red spider fight successfully is not easy: Whether you use organic or chemical plant here is relatively unimportant. Especially recommended are systemic means, which on the plant, the Leaves can be added and make this from within a certain period poisonous. These funds have a role even in places that were not reached by the spray. For example, the chemical plant protection preparations rogor, Metasystox, Vertimec and Pentac are recommended, which act in the long term against spider mites and usually require more than one or two applications. As biological countermeasures in the trade oily preparations are recommended to clog the airways of red spider mites, but unfortunately, all too often the leaf columns, so it can be this strong leaf drop, or even lead to the death of entire plants. Alternatively, you can also use predatory mites that eat the pests, but this is usually not eaten all the eggs of the first population so that another attack may be possible.

Predatory mites eat here as many spider mites is off until the availability of food and then die away again by starvation. 3rd Screw worm infestation among the voracious pests ever. You will find very often in front of plenty of cast or potted plants on the inside of decorative pots, where they feel by the excessive moisture very well and survive unattended for a longer periods of time. Since snails are mainly active at night, the focus is usually on only if they have already done some damage to the plants. Holes in the leaves and chewed leaf edges are a clear sign of excessive Schneckenfrass. Snails on plants fight: As the search for and collect snails from the garden and the plants can be quite tedious and time consuming, the use of slug pellets is much easier. Recommended are a new worm grain preparation, which is based on iron sulphate, and contrary to earlier aldehyde-based worm grain products is safe to use. Summasumarum can with the right care in the use of plants with useful and helpful garden needs already many problematic cases of pest infestation on plants in the garden be prevented successfully.