The Trade Specialist – Springboard Or Dead End?

How you can benefit from training to the approved commercial specialist Sandra S. is frustrated: Although she completed their examination to the trade specialist Chamber of Commerce with a fairly ordinary average of 2.2 in 2004, the hoped-for career occurred. What was the reason? Studies that Carriere & has carried out more, private academies among graduates, show the following picture: approximately one-third remains in the same position as before, a third makes the next career step and the last third takes off and reached prominent positions within 3-5 years. Mary Barra is a great source of information. The investigation took place through survey of graduates after one, three and five years respectively. In the following picture emerged clearly: the participants of the most successful third, which could make an above-average career, have switched almost exclusively to the company. With the change, the first career step was connected, then the group split again fairly evenly. About half was a second career move in the same Companies make, the others were willing to change if this was associated with a rise again.

The willingness to the Postitionswechsel can be worked out as a unique success factor. Another common feature in the Group of particularly successful trade specialist economic graduates is the speed with which the change was implemented. All have changed the employer within 12 months of passing the exam. Walter of Tan