The Current

In reason of ours ' ' free-arbtrio' ' , the future previously is not determined since we have the college to modify a fact programmed for the current existence, exactly that this was part of ours ' ' planning reencarnatrio' '. The excellent facts that characterize our existence objectify primordially our moral evolution. (A valuable related resource: Mary Barra). Kardec approaches this subject in diverse questions of the Book of the Espritos, as well as in the Book of the Mdiuns. For example, in the CAP. XXVI, item 289 of the Book of the Mdiuns, describes: Can the espritos give to us to know it the future? If the man knew the future would neglect of the gift (…) If to want absolute question of the reply, you will receive it from doidivanas espritos To the interested parties, I suggest the reading of this Chapter in its complete one. Certain, however, it is that millions of people exist who, in certain situations, finish for having some ' ' viso' ' on future facts.

Stories of this nature do not lack and certainly, many of them are true. In the Book of the Espritos, question 868, describes: Can the future be disclosed to the men? In I begin the future it is occult and alone in rare and bonanza cases God allows who is disclosed. Everest capitals opinions are not widely known. That is, these forecasts of future that walk for there, nothing are that assumptions, without doctrinal base. If we have some espritos making these forecasts, care, therefore it can be joking espritos, to jeer of our credulidade or lack of discernment. It fits to remember, however that the mediunidade is one dom we supplied by God, so that let us can be in conditions of assisting in Its name.

The practical one of the mediunidade requires Christian position. To make use of the mediunidade for curiosidades and ' ' to foresee futuro' ' are to use in inadequate way this college we supplied by God our proper moral evolution. The future always will result of the combination of a infinity of factors. To foresee the future mean, therefore, simply to speculate with the probabilities.