The Conflict: Prepare Our Youth To Know How To Deal

Henry F. Amiel: "Do with ease what is difficult for others, here is the sign of talent to do what is impossible for talent, that is the sign of genius." Conflict is inherent in human beings and always will be a lot of them in proportion to the number of people living or working together and the perceptions that each have about his work life or daily activities. The conflict itself is not negative. On the contrary, is often a good safety valve to ease tensions, to address disparities in approach and to smooth things over. However, poorly managed conflict can be complicated and become a serious problem. And that is what has often happened: a conflict that could have been settled on time may end in the termination of a marriage in a broken society, in the end of a friendship in the dismissal of one or more workers in the confrontation of various forces, and even in terrible wars and endless as has happened many times in so many nations. That is why that a professional should have in your "toolbox" the ability to meet the normal conflicts of every trade.

Resolving conflict is spared a major difficulty. It is judicious people resolve conflicts early, but it is wise to avoid them. However, while living among humans will be present the risk of conflict. The coexistence, coexistence, cohabitation open the door for these frictions and the disagreements and so on. It should always be prepared to discuss and possibly to negotiate.

And when considering the possibility of negotiating must be prepared to cede at least some aspects where possible without compromising the ethical convictions nor the peace of mind. Who knows resolve conflicts may act also as a mediator and in this way will help other people to have a meeting with peaceful outcomes and amicable as necessary in a world so troubled and where differences often cause estrangement and even dangerous confrontations with unfortunate results in terms of damage and, worse, loss of human lives. To resolve a conflict is nothing better than being right. But the crisis arises precisely because everybody believes to have it. That is the time when you need someone with the ability to mediate, rather than one with overwhelming force. William Shakespeare said it best: "An excellent thing to have a giant's strength, but using it as a giant is typical of a dwarf." Rutto Alejandro Martinez is a renowned Colombian writer and academic, author of several books and guest fecuentemente forums, conferenciasd and seminars. Contact him through the mail or visit their website: By:.