Santa Catarina

Later the man it caught the bag and it left to place in the lixeira, in the sidewalk. Exactly day at night – How it was its day today? It inquired Silvia during the supper. – Flat as you can imagine. you? – We are investigating a strange case. A youngster was found died in a strip of land. She is a sportsman, called Renato Moiro. The body had a wound in the neck that seems to have been one bite. The death if gave for the loss of blood, however, it did not have blood in the place.

– It was attacked in another place? – Yes, but the stranger is the wound in the jugular vein – Vampire? Silvia looked at for the husband, serious. – It is clearly that this is a legend! Vampires do not exist. – How not? It remembers the case that left in periodicals has two years? The case of that man, the Taram Drekel! – I do not know, we go to move of subject and to eat? After the supper, Daniel sat down in the room to attend television. The reporter of the 21 hours presented a news article on the death of Renato Moiro. It had participated of a match of canoagem in Santa Catarina and travelled in return for house when he disappeared. A photograph of the youngster was shown. In the photo, taken off the edges of a river, caiaque appeared Renato of foot next to one and leaned the boat it was a yellow knapsack with red handles. Daniel remembered the inhabitant of the sobrado one that destrua an equal knapsack that one.

Daniel disclosed the fact to the wife. – It placed the bag in the lixeira? He inquired Silvia. – Yes and he has this hour already is not more there. – Perhaps either coincidence, but in all in case that I go to ask for a colleague to discover who is and of where they had come.

Disse Beoriano

It left in persecution in great speed. Beoriano went up for the trunk of tree catching one galha wide that it extended its arm for the high one. In Dragones fury it beat its claws one in the other and played, of a side for the other, its sting. _ For the top! _ _ Gritou Gordon. _ Fast, up there catch I you. The poor ant ran desesperadamente, wise person who was not prea for the powerful claws and the sting of Dragones. The all instant looks at for looked at pra backwards. When folding the left to deviate from a thick twig with many galhas fine hung, already droughts for the time, almost were imprisoned in a great puddle of a sticky liquid half colored that if extended for a great area.

Beoriano was imprisoned, eliminates on it and in low, already if approaching, Dragones. __E now, as I go to escape of this enrascada? _ _ Disse Beoriano. When Dragones arrived close gave a great laugh. Charles Schwab may find this interesting as well. I sinned _ You. Now you do not escape.

_ Can come, does not have fear of you. My jaws are powerful. Without thinking about what it could happen Beoriano it gave a jump and it fell Dragones on the back of cravando its jaws. Infuriated Dragones tried to reach the ant with its claws. Without noticing, half disoriented, the scorpion, stepped on in the liquid being with the imprisoned back legs. Using to advantage itself of the Beoriano chance it jumps for far exactly in the hour where, in its aid, Gordon dived well in a levelling flight catching Beoriano in the hour where, in a last despairing attack, Dragone invests Beoriano with its sting that passes on the back of scraping the ant. In how much this, back in the high one, the others attended aturdiados everything. When Gordon arrived with Beoriano, Antenor looked at for they and said. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk describes an additional similar source. _ _ Vamos even so of this place. Thus, exactly in the blackout of the night they flied for the bush. They had flied all at night deviating from twigs, trunks of trees and other objects. At the dawn, tired, they had arrived at the lair of the spiders, the last ticket for the field of the flowers, a shady place with millions of teias of spider of all the sizes that shining with dew of the morning.