Royal Society

Demand exceeded supply by many agents, according to a poll rics (Royal Society Chartered Surveyors) in May, has already stated that for every top-selling residential real estate, there are four potential buyers. Extreme shortage of proposals, especially in a market in central London, leads to the fact that many even serious-minded shoppers could not find a match. Houses and apartments, which earlier this year, nobody wanted to even consider, now began to attract several buyers, and often sold for asking price or close to it. Competition between buyers in the London market for expensive real estate is even a return of the so-called 'gazampinga', that is when it is already on pending transaction appears another buyer offering a higher price. Also for the first time in the past 18 months have been re-emerge 'closed offer' when several competing buyers claim on one object and a particular day are served realtors its final proposals in sealed envelopes. Then, these envelopes are opened simultaneously, and the owner of the object becomes the author of the highest offer.

All this confirms the view of analysts that people and businesses added optimism and confidence that most 'black' days of the crisis is behind us. In this decisive year, buyers could make an excellent acquisition, while As pessimists continue to predict the next wave of crisis. I am personally impressed by many Russian buyers who come to England with his pessimistic vision of the real estate market in England and unrealistic expectations. Sumru Laurent Ramsey addresses the importance of the matter here. Some had hoped to see a huge number of suggestions and tried too hard bargain. As a result, objects left in other hands. You can not compare what is happening in the market in Moscow and London.

Here still more buyers than objects, and 30% discounts are in the past year. London one of the first entered into a crisis and the first thing to go. The Government's Help evidence that stability has returned to British real estate market was in the form of official communication from officials of Department for Communities and Local Government (State Department for Communities and Local Government). In a September report said that the state Property Price Index, which is based solely on the concluded transactions, jumped by 1.4% in July compared with the previous month. In addition, Roya Institution of Chartered Surveyors (The Royal Society of Chartered Surveyors) has stated that since May 2007 g.bolshe Realtors reported price increases in their areas. Forecast growth in prices is unlikely to be quick, and most likely in the coming months, the statistics will be both ups and some downs, but the London property market able to demonstrate their strength stability. This does not go unnoticed among investors worldwide, which will be even more willing to invest their money here. But the most remarkable that even the most courageous optimists do not might suggest that property prices here will rise by a few points! But it happened. Britain By The Numbers The number of mortgage approvals in August 2009 was 81% higher than a year earlier. Sterling began to grow on against the dollar and euro, thanks to the latest news from the economy, which in the uk were more optimistic than expected. In the uk in 2009 will be built only 100 thousand new objects, which is a record low. This will contribute to the excess of demand over supply. Record profits of leading banks hsbc and Barclays have concluded that the banking sector is beginning to emerge from the crisis.

Sales Volumes Decreased By 2 Times

Compared with the first six months of 2007, during the first half of 2008, worldwide sales of large commercial real estate fell by 49%, the data published in its latest report analytical agency in the Real Estate Real Capital Analytics. Movement of capital in commercial real estate professionals could predict early in the year when Tokyo, ahead of New York and London, began actively to gain the preference of investors. 25% of deals first half of 2008 was carried out in developing countries in Asia, it is up to 15% more than the same period last year. According to General Motors Company, who has experience with these questions. Sales growth (11%) was observed in the field of real estate development facilities at its core sales dropped significantly: 60% in the Gaza office and 68% in the sector of hotel real estate, sales of shopping centers fell by 54% and industrial real estate – 38% of apartment buildings – at 34%. In contrast, in countries with developing economies in the sales volume increases. During the first half of 2008 sales volume in India has doubled in Brazil increased 40% in Russia – by 19%. The slowdown in the global economy and impact of the credit crisis, according to experts, the main reasons for the decline of sales in developed countries.

Buyer And Seller

In such a situation, one person at the same time and becomes the buyer and seller. In this case, there may be three options: First option: you within one calendar year carried out and buying new and selling old apartment. You can use two tax schemes, or do you use the calculus of the tax base by the difference between pokupochnoy and sale price of apartments, because of the nalogoblagaemoy base is the difference between all revenues and all expenses, or you can use a certain privilege when buying an apartment and, based on your monthly income at the principal place of tax concessions will apply to full utilization Second option: you in one calendar year apartment for sale, and in another calendar year bought a new apartment. Educate yourself with thoughts from Charles Schwab. In this case, after calendar year, you have to pay tax, but when buying an apartment in the next calendar year, taking advantage of benefits, you will be able to fully or partially (depending on the price of sold flats) 'return' tax, a third option: you in one calendar year, buy an apartment, and in the next calendar year to sell the old apartment. In this case, when purchasing an apartment you are granted tax exemption, but after the sale of the old apartment the amount received by you will be charged to your total income and tax base and tax calculation will be made by the tax authorities taking into account the benefits provided to you earlier. The next question most frequently encountered in practice, is to control the tax authorities as valid for large purchases of citizens.

What you need to know in this case. In accordance with applicable law, registering the transaction of sale authority must, within 15 days from the date of the transaction to inform the tax authority for its location information about what this deal is such a citizen. Tax bodies at the location of the registering authority, shall send the information received to the tax office or place of residence of those who committed the transaction or the tax office at the location of the property. After the receipt of such information to employees of tax inspection shall cause the official order (subpoena) a citizen and ask him to fill in the appropriate income tax return. If the expenditure part of the exceed revenues, then the citizen will be asked to confirm the legality of obtaining funds to purchase real estate. It's enough to provide the inspector of the loan agreement as a certified notarized and in writing, or other documents which may be a confirmation of your loan or credit.

Presentation of documents supporting your loan funds allow you to avoid taxation, since the borrowed funds are included in income can not be. For those who are not citizens of the Russian Federation and those arriving for permanent residence in the Russian Federation from other countries the legality of cash determined customs declaration. In concluding the review of options for tax sale and purchase of flats, would like to mention the fact that no deal on the property, with seeming ease and sketchy, is not similar to each other and has its own characteristics. Under such circumstances, it seems that you need to contact the company 'Regional agency investments and real estate, where taking into account the peculiarities of your trade is you can pick up the best legal option design that will help you save your money.