The first and most correct – it is a choice and purchase the desired subwoofer head size, subsequent calculations and making her own case or in the installation center. This path is very complicated, but the result As a rule, very good. The second and easiest way – buy a powered subwoofer, which includes ready-housing with a speaker and amplifier. The result of adding this subwoofer car audio system, with rare exception, rather mediocre, and perhaps that is suitable for low cost entry-class. The third way – a compromise.

It lies in the fact that the subwoofer is optional in the final package, manufactured by the manufacturer. The only thing needed in the future, so it is to buy a decent amplifier, connect it to the subwoofer, so that this problem will be solved. At first glance, all these three options is most preferable first, because the only way to achieve the most appropriate bass, taking into account the acoustic properties of the car. The second option is justified only minimal financial investment, which, no doubt, more than relevant. Finally, the third option.

On its merits and demerits, we'll detail, since it Subwoofer become the heroes of today multitesta. The first and main advantage of such Subwoofer lies in the fact that they are ready for operation, as the saying goes, from birth, and the speaker in advance 'packed' into the body. Speaking of the latter have a special mention. Today multitest in its own revealing. It presents Subs in virtually all known types of acoustic design.