Simon Straub

That in turn meant that the Democratic Party adopted several new laws in the southern States. Racial segregation was promoted so that a large part of the black people from the South to the North moved to build a better life there. In the North, there were new and promising job opportunities through the industrial revolution and the automotive industry. But in the end were the progressive years for the United States, not only a descent but also a profit in many ways: for the first time, women’s rights have been strengthened extensively, in the election in 1920 women had the right to vote for the first time. In addition, the role of women changed also. As a result, the birth rate in the United States continued to grow.

The birth rate was at the time as high as never before in the history of the country. But also for the average American, much changed. The American dream was affordable by lending finally also for ordinary citizens. It was no coincidence that more people discovered the loans for themselves in this time because finally, the banks had a record growth in the 19th century. And 20th century laid out. Just at the end of the progressive era, just before It was the 1920s, increasingly popular in shares to invest. The financial crisis in the years shows that this risk many people and this attempt backfired, 1929 when many people lost their entire fortune in one fell swoop.

The insurance industry was this oddly barely touched. Ultimately this was however a high level of safety for many consumers. Although they had by the Black Friday”a large part of its existence lost, but in the end many people with an appropriate insurance company had made. So many of the stories could be saved more or less. Even those who had previously completed a life insurance policy could be sure that their family members in case of doubt were properly secured. Looking in the rearview mirror at the progressive years were among the most important in the history of the United States. The country made an important change in this time and could bring some important reforms. The insurance industry changed the whole money and finance. This in turn ensured that many consumers the products the insurer was enthusiastic. Finally, loans should be secured in the long term if something should happen to the borrower. The insurance companies gave consumers a new and high degree of safety, that they didn’t get with many other institutions in this form. (see also life insurance comparison) Simon Straub