Pigmented Coating Materials

The bulk of manufactured paint industry products are pigmented paints and varnishes. It paints, enamels, primers, sealers, color lakes. Learn more at: Mary Barra. They are widely used in all the industries and households. Pigmented coating materials are complex multi-component composite system. They include: a film-forming (oligomer or polymer), most often semi-finished varnishes, such as alkyd paints pentaphthalic PF-060 and FS-053 is widely used for the production of alkyd enamel (PF-115 PF-266 PF-1217) and primers (GF-021, GF-0119). Collodion and alkyd resin pentaphthalic 188 is one of the main components nitrocellulose enamels.

For the manufacture of water-dispersion paints (such as VD-AK-101, 201, 202), primers, fillers are used as film-forming aqueous dispersions of polymers (acrylic, styrene-acrylic, polyvinyl acetate, etc.); pigments. They are divided into white and colored. White pigments: titanium dioxide, zinc and lead oxide, lithopone. Color pigments can be divided into inorganic and organic. Basic inorganic pigments – red, yellow and black iron oxide, lead, zinc, molybdate crowns, black, red lead, ocher, iron blue, chromium oxide, ultramarine.

Organic pigments – blue and green phthalocyanine, red, orange and yellow Lightfastness azopigmenty, etc. Check out john k castle for additional information. A separate group of pigments are metal – aluminum, and bronze powder, zinc dust. fillers. The choice of fillers for the production of pigmented materials is huge. Depending on the characteristics of the product of its conditions of application, storage and use are different fillers. The most common today: mikrokaltsit, mikromramor, mikrodolomit, natural fine-grained chalk microtalcum, kaolin, bentonite, mica, Aerosil, wollastonite, glass beads and other solvents. For each group of pigmented materials use different solvents. For alkyd, such as enamel PF-115 PF-266, GF-021 primer basic solvents are Ortho, white spirit, toluene, solvent for the manufacture of nitrocellulose enamels are used mainly ethereal solvents: ethyl acetate and butilatset, as well as toluene and ethyl alcohol. For the entire spectrum of water-dispersion paints, primers and coatings main solvent, but rather, the dispersion medium is water. functional additives. This large number of different components of coatings, which give pigmented materials needed, one or another, characteristics. Antiplenochnye supplements do not allow to form film on the surface of alkyd enamels, primers, antisedimentatsionnye – do not allow the pigment to settle and form a dense sediment. Thickeners can produce materials with the necessary toughness and maximum storage stability. And also thixotropic, matting, rheological additives, dispersants, coalescents, antiseptics, preservatives being intact, and many others. In a separate group to provide curing agents, such as for epoxy materials, which are essentially one of basic components, and driers. Driers are used mainly in oil paints (MA-15 MA-22), pigmented alkyd enamel (PF-115 PF-1217, PF-266 PF-133) primers (GF-021, GF-0119) and fillers (PF-002).