About roses written hundreds of books and thousands of poems, as neither of the single flower in the world. It is not surprising, since the little flower which can be compared with a rose in its beauty and so gracious attitude among kings and nobles. Since the times of ancient India, when the Rose heard first, and to this day love and respect do not leave this wonderful flower. Striding across the world, rose, stupefy and captivates with its beauty and fragrance of the whole country, fall in love with a people. Appearing in the new countries rose that same hour in the palaces of kings was justified and the local nobility, became a luxury and an expensive gift.

Rose was and is more than a gift, a token of love and respect. Rose firmly woven into culture of many countries, and some, such as the Netherlands is an important article replenish the state budget. Rose also became a symbol of secret societies, companies, military divisions. The story began in her ancient India. No one knows how she came there, but it is known that rose in India enjoyed a well-deserved respect, was part of rituals, its flowers were in the residences of the nobility. Local kings were so fond of this flower in the gardens around their residences, along the tracks arranged grooves filled with water infused with roses, so that the scent would not leave them even on the street. On trading trails, along with Indian goods, textiles and jewelry, hearing about roses Came to China and Persia.