Myth Deadline 31 May – The Mnemonic Rock

Who his tax return really must submit to end may Mannheim, 26 March 2013. On May 31 is the deadline to submit of the tax return it’s so every spring frequently in the media to read. But who is this term really? The experts at, to clarify who is committed to the submission on 31 May and why is for everyone an income tax return on a voluntary basis may be worth. Whether with or without deadline pressure: with the tax software tax savings 2013 for Windows and Mac OS X is the subject quickly and easily from the table. The obligation to submit of an income tax return is legally governed by the income tax act. Only workers covered by this regulation, are required to submit of a tax return until May 31 of the following year. All others can do this voluntarily and have time to up to four years.

The experts at have developed the simple mnemonic rock for workers, to check whether they are affected by the deadline of end of May. Rock is for allowances, income, wage replacement benefits and tax class. F like exemption: employees who one or have entered several exemption on their income tax card, must create an income tax return. Including falls, for example, the child tax credit. revenues: who when workers had more income than 410 euros in addition to his salary, to a tax return. Examples include income from rentals, leases or capital investments. Multi jobbers, who were employed in the past calendar year simultaneously with several employers, are duty-bound. This applies to self-employed and freelancers with income over 8.004 euro 16.008 as married and retired with a pension of more than 8.004 (single) as single respectively 16.008 euro (married). L like wage-replacement benefits: covers such as unemployment, sickness or unemployment money are referred to as wage replacement benefits.