Learning Evaluation

Today we know that formal education is a complex phenomenon that involves many elements interconnected within and outside educational institutions. In which the processes of evaluation relevance great because they define the structure and dynamics that are present in all levels, being the evaluation of the learnings, a constant of institutional life. From a strictly administrative point of view, but with profound implications, the teachers are forced as part of their teaching practice, to perform assessments to students intending to deliver accounts at the institution, about the rate of approval and disapproval of a course. The ways to carry out this procedure are of diverse nature and nature, but all of them inevitably prefer the idea of accreditation. Unfortunately, this conception is so widespread, that the students themselves have assumed it as part of their identity, seriously impacting their academic performance, i.e., along student career, has shown them the evaluation of their learning as a synonym for qualification and primary objective of the educational process, then then, its efforts are aimed to prove the matter, without that this necessarily involves a real learning. We believe that this phenomenon is so common in the majority of schools, has its origin largely on the type of evaluation that is deployed, the conception that has it and above all, the form is submitted to the students. So, if you opt for an assessment that from certain instruments of account of final products as a reflection of the learnings and be told students that depending on them will be determined its qualification, then promoveriamos the students the kind of misconduct that nullify any educational process. In this work start from the idea that, if we want to fully perform the functions delegated to the educational units in the training of students, and of which we are largely responsible, it is necessary among other things, to amend the traditional assessment practices, instituting more effective ways that transcend the old idea of accreditation in place.