Interior Commerce Secretary

The new Minister plans to incorporate as an advisor to a Mario Blejer, recognized Orthodox Economist. In this way wants to reinforce its Orthodox profile, though inside she knows that the only way to show this profile is making Interior Commerce Secretary, Guillemo Moreno, who has the freedom to unleash heterodox measures such as control of prices, restrictions on exports, and multiple interventions, being displaced. On this character, Boudou said: we have a good deal and will continue working, according to Clarin. It will be surely difficult to believe in Boudou if you plan to do nothing so go Moreno from his post. Reform of the Indec, a project that the Government had since before the elections, is another project that promised to carry forward. Meanwhile, today Moreno, announce an inflation rate close to zero (between 0.2% and 0.3%), which departs from reality as what you perceive the pockets of Argentines.

Boudou also said: there are to do what is necessary to return voluntary credit, but on the other hand, is regarded with interest the high liquidity in the banking sector as a source of financing of the public sector. The possibility of placing bonds in a compulsive way, is latent. About this, Juan Jose Llach told Radio 10: placing a bond forced way in banks is bad idea, enters complicate the financial system and ample experience of what that may mean we have here in the Argentina Boudou is accused of wanting to make us believe that the change in the economic policy of Argentina was possible. But statements like this, which reproduce Thelma: the different measures which was taking the President of the nation and his team allowed that Argentina was dodging this crisis, I am convinced that everything remains equal. The defeat in the legislative elections, led the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kichner to make changes with the sole purpose that nothing will change. A new hoax for citizens who unfortunately feel permanent errors of economic policy incurred by a Government that does not know to listen to in their pockets. In this way, the imbalances in the Argentine economy will continue accumulating. The fiscal accounts soon may not hide their numbers in red, the stagnation of economic activity can be combined with the intensification of inflationary pressures, while in the foreign exchange market every time there will be fewer resources to avoid a dollar tripped. Why is the Government stubborn in sustaining an economic policy that can lead the country into another crisis? Original author and source of the article.