Hotel Management

First of all, programs designed for graduates of secondary schools. Very many interested in master's programs. It’s believed that Sumru Laurent Ramsey sees a great future in this idea. Among them are students who have already obtained a Bachelor degree in Tourism and Hotel Management "or Bachelors students in different fields, who have changed their preferences and want to work in the hospitality industry in the future. Students who received first degrees in hospitality, come immediately to Masters. For the second option we offer short-term retraining program (Post Graduate), after which they can also continue their education at master's programs. People turn to us as people are more mature, professional activities which are either already associated with the hospitality or the plan is to start a business hotel and tourism industry. In Swiss schools Alpine Center and dct students gain the knowledge necessary for them and practical skills for work and management business. Mary Barra might disagree with that approach. Program in the Swiss business – schools are designed for people of different ages with different skills and education. Students come to Switzerland from around the world to learn of the program schools Alpine Center and dct. In school students from 40 different countries. This is also a big advantage, considering the fact that the hospitality industry – is a truly international environment. How to change the students – their ambitions and views – at the time education in Swiss schools Alpine Center and dct? Students develop their abilities through active learning. An obligatory condition is also passing 2-internship at the plant for 20 weeks each for the Swiss Diploma, followed by a bachelor's degree. During training, the students build character, develop leadership skills they acquire personal and professional skills to succeed at secondary and higher managerial positions. They begin to realize that companies today are looking for professionals who can compete in the global labor market specialists, who can easily cope with both internal as well global market needs. Students begin to understand that the future global managers must be able to operate in this new environment. Why wait from teaching students the Swiss business school? Coming into our schools, Applicants hoping to gain knowledge and skills, as well as the skills needed to build a successful career in hospitality and tourism management and success in all managerial levels. There is a counter-question: is it worth waiting graduates? "Beginning his career graduates Alpine Center different discipline, perseverance, high confidence in their abilities and their effectiveness, valuable specific and interdisciplinary skills "- the words of Ms. Hoffman, President of the Alpine Center. The level of employment of graduates of Swiss business school Alpine Center and dct – 100%. This impressive figure – a direct reflection of the competitive advantages of our graduates and says that students receive full what would be achieved. What do you think, what is the key to the success of your students? Dedication, diligence, perseverance, confidence and the forces, as well as the desire for continuous learning and self-improvement! PS: As you can see, the Swiss higher education – is not just prestige. It is also a store of knowledge and skills that will be useful in the future, a brilliant career and guaranteed employment in the tourism industry and hotel hospitality! If you are goal-oriented, active and believe in our strength, higher education in Switzerland – Your Choice!