High Performance Database

In today's global information most of the information stored in electronic form, which in turn requires a clear organization of data for effective operations of the company. Solving this problem promotes the use of specialized software, called database management systems, which allow to structure and organize data for computer storage and processing. Today is hard to imagine the work of many companies without the use of professional databases (such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and others). They are a fundamental part of information systems in most industries. Efficient operation DBMS greatly depends on the process of installation and configuration, which should start long before you run the installer.

The correct approach to the installation database includes the planning of resources and special configuration of the operating system for the efficient operation of the system with specific hardware and software platform. Professional services to configure operating systems and databases to help guarantee future performance and stable operation of the operating system, and also ensure the creation and configuration of databases, taking into account the specific requirements of automated systems for client (ERP, CRM, HRM, etc.). To ensure optimum performance and reliability of I / O storage systems, due consideration should be given to developing effective schemes for placement of database files and the selection of the corresponding model data. Also, do not forget about the possibility of tracking updates the current version of the DBMS. Quality solution for all these tasks requires a great deal of operating experience different database management systems, as well as knowledge of the technical features of equipment and operating systems. In connection with this important issue is the choice of "correct" solution provider. Professional performer shall have, first of all, a great experience to install, configure and maintain various DBMS platforms of any complexity; periodically monitor updates to databases, to assess their criticality, performance testing, etc. Secondly, the expert should be able to select the optimal hardware platform and configuration of equipment, to develop their own documentation taking into account features DBMS installation and configuration of various operating systems (Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris). Thus, the only correct approach to installing and configuring database management system and bringing professional artists can ensure proper performance and efficiency of the system.