Great Plains

Political will Our analyses suggest them firmly WWS costs will be competitive with respect to the traditional sources. Meanwhile, nevertheless, certain forms of energies WWS will be significantly more expensive than the fossil energy. Some combination of WWS, the subsidys and the taxes on carbon, therefore, will be necessary during a time. A type of premium to the Feed-inTariff production (FIT) to cover the difference between the cost with generation and the price wholesale of the electricity is especially effective in the aid to the new ones renewable technologies. Combining the FIT with a call auction of sale to decreasing prices, in which the right to sell energy to the system is granted you postpray to them lower, it provides a continuous incentive for the WWS developers to diminish the costs.

While this happens, the FIT can are reduced progressively. The FIT have been implanted in great a number of European countries and in some States of the USA and have been enough successful in stimulating the solar energy in Germany. To burden fossil fuels or their use to reflect its ecological damages also has sense. But, like minimum, the subsidys to the fossil energy, such as the tax on benefits for the exploration and extraction, must be eliminated to equal the party. A mistaken promotion of the less desirable alternatives such as agricultural subsidies and the production of biocombustibles, must finish because it delays the implantation of cleaner systems. On the other hand, the elaboration of policies adapted on the part of legislators, must find ways to resist the pressure that will take place on the part of at the moment established power industries. Finally, each nation must be arranged to invest in a system of solid transmission and long distance that can transport great amounts of energy of the WWS of the remote regions where often he is greater, such as in the USA the Great Plains in the case of the wind and the desert of the solar Southwest it energy, to the centers of of consumption, generally in the cities.