Attorney General

It is important to note also that this Villamizar, was never presented to the Court, and his testimony was produced in the school of cavalry in Bogota without defending seats, neither the Attorney General nor anyone else would be informed. Important fact is that Villamizar worked in the technical investigation body (CTI), an organ of the Attorney General, agency that investigates to squares. Another false witness.And so things are. Two main (and only) witness proved to be a fraud mounted to fabricate the case against Colonel Plazas Vega. Therefore, September 17, 2009, the Attorney-General requested absolution total of Colonel Plazas Vega, since there was no evidence about the involvement of the military in this matter.Then, if there is no evidence against Plazas Vega and Yes hundreds of testimonies and documents showing his innocence, why justice would condemn it…?Again, because they are doing the task to drug trafficking which, allied with socialism guerrilla, the courthouse was taken to destroy the institutions and take control of the country.

That same mafia Alliance, which could not achieve its purpose with weapons and terrorism, is succeeding in its mission from the courts. This mafia Alliance won of the courts and the Attorney-General and uses his immense power to destroy to those who fight against drug trafficking. If you look well, the military against those authorities impose the Prosecutor’s Office and courts, are those who have distinguished themselves by their righteousness, honesty and decision to end the scourge Dorado in Colombia.De the Prosecutor in the case, not to mention. The Lady angela Maria Buitrago, in partnership with lawyers from the tenebrous Alvear Restrepo Lawyers collective, already has clear that he will do everything necessary to see Colonel Plazas Vega behind bars of the pillory or what fear many – murdered by drug trafficking.On the same hand, today judge Maria Stella Jara Gutierrez shall render judgment on the case of Colonel Plazas Vega.