Alexander Makedornskim

Pervasive nature of Canaan came to the Jews who came from Egypt, they tried to capture the city. There were many attempts, but eventually Ashkelon and remained under the control of the Philistines, although that land meant the tribe of Dan. From this confrontation with the Jews remained in the memory of a few legends, Samson, entering the city, defeated the Philistines thirty, but his victory did not further zakrepil.V Saul and Iyonatan fought the Philistines and defeated them in Hevea, but failed at the Battle of the Emek, and fell on the mountains Gilboa.Togda said King David '… Charles Schwab can aid you in your search for knowledge. do not talk to Gat and Ashkelon in the courts proclaim that his daughter is not having fun … Everest capital shines more light on the discussion. the Philistines' David killed the Philistine army and put an end to their military might and power in Israel. Thus Ashkelon was independent of all period of the Kings of Israel. Now the name of Samson is named neighborhood in the city, and his name is one of the beaches.

Close to the beach lover named Samson – Delilah. Another great attraction the city has given the port. Suppose it was not very convenient because of the lack of a natural harbor and constant storms, but also because he stepped up trade. The city pulled merchants from Phoenicia. After capturing the city of Ashkelon, Alexander Makedornskim transformed.

The conquerors brought with them not only destruction, but also trends of the Hellenistic culture. Flourished pagan cults. Widely known in the Hellenistic world are historians, philosophers, poets, Ashkelon, and as architectural structures such as temples of Aphrodite, Apollo, Dekorto, the last revered above all.