Demotivation of the pupils, who have remained anchored in the facilismo, conformism, wasting itself its potential, especially the creative one. There is absence of investigations that favor the solution of the serious problems that at the moment the country presents/displays in the politician, economic, social, the productive thing. Today more than ever, he is needed a new managemental leader, an administrator who causes the changes, the transformations necessary to take the opportunities that the activities of the government he is generating, where appear great weaknesses that can very or be used by professionals which or they are enabled and they know to interpret the reach, the repercussions that president Chvez this causing, for example, in the new economic openings, penetrating in new markets, in to integrate itself to the plans of the government in order to consolidate strengths in the productive weaknesses that the enterprise sector it confronts. The School has neglected more and more, the selection of its educational ones, taking step more to the political commitments, of friendship, relative, who to academic endorsement. It is needed educational creative, innovating, able to generate a new paradigm of the administration according to which the State tries with its Socialism of the 21st century and to that it must to know how itself to integrate and to carry out a roll of opposition in everything what it goes in against of the benefits of the country. It is not possible to be continued leaving to the qualification and formation of lawyers in Administration based on a profile of the administrator nonadapted the reality of the present, with training programs, where many of their subjects are not updated and another already they are expired. It is needed new approaches, tools administrative, a greater integration with the exigencies of the Society of the Knowledge, interpretation of the behavior of the scenes, technology, needs of the consumers, advantage of strengths that cause the natural wealth of each country.